Frequently asked questions

Keep them! We’ll pick them up on your next order delivery. Simple.

Step 1: Enter your zip code when prompted
Step 2: If you can proceed that means we already deliver there. If not, send us your zipcode via email and we’ll do everything to add it immediately.

We debut new menus every 3 months. For extra added variety we release 2-4 new meals every other week.

The gel packs are built for 8 hours, but we don’t recommend more than 5 hours. We’ll let you know when your order is on the way and once delivered. We also provide an image taken at the point of delivery via text and email. There are no surprises with our delivery system. Just reliable and tasty meal prep.

We guarantee our food for up to 7 days. As long as you put them straight into the refrigerator upon delivery they should last. BUT please don’t eat anything that is not cold at time of receipt and/or smells bad at any time.


Delivery typically starts at 7 am on Sundays. When orders are scanned in you’ll get a message stating “Your order is on the way”. And once it’s been delivered you get another text stating “Your order has been delivered”.

Just send us an email request and we’ll get to it as soon as we can.

For all business inquiries please send us an email with a short description to

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