Fresh Fitness Eastvale has seen a 210% growth during COVID and that’s largely due to our top-performing affiliates who drive 30% of our total orders week over week thru promo code redemptions.

Top affiliates currently make an additional $1000 per month extra income by offering our meal prep. Add more value to customers, and make more money.

We want to duplicate this effort to expand our business growth by partnering with even more influencial trainers and fitness enthusiasts.

Please review the following terms and conditions, and submit the requested information at the end. You’ll be sent a link to a short survey that is required to help us determine ‘great-fit’ affiliate candidates. If selected, we will notify and confirm your sample delivery date. Thank you for considering adding our services as an extension to your current business model. 


TierMeal QuantitiesCommission RatePayment Terms
10 – 149$1.00 per mealNet 14
2150 – 199$1.50 per mealNet 14
3200+$2.00 per mealNet 14

Terms & Conditions

NET 14 TERMS: 14 days following the delivery date of sales is when we pay you via Zelle transfer.

TRACKING & REPORTING: Unique promo codes make it easy to track and report accurate sales data based on the number of redemptions in a weekly sales period. We’ll share updated reports on the same bi-weekly schedule as payment that includes sales, sales periods, total sales, commissions paid, commissions due, next payment date, and a link to all packing slips from customer orders to verify. We use Google Docs and Sheets to share information in real-time, and leave it open for any comments, questions, or concerns that you might have.

AFFILIATE TOOLKIT: As an affiliate, you’ll receive a toolkit with details on your unique promo code(s), a breakdown of promo code details including code value, expiration date, limit use, per person use, etc. 

TERM OF AGREEMENT: We want to start off with an exclusive 30-day trial, and then an extension for 6 months upon fleeting minimal sales targets after the 1st month. 

EXCLUSIVITY: Fresh Fitness Eastvale would be the only meal prep provider that affiliates refer to for max results, including business growth and affiliate payouts.

CANCELLATION: Affiliates must submit a written cancellation notice 30 days prior to contract termination. Fresh Fitness Eastvale can cancel the contract at any time if minimum sales targets are not being met after 1 month of unsatisfactory sales performance.

Our Story

At Fresh Fitness Eastvale you don’t have to sacrifice taste for health, or vice versa. Food should simply be healthy and delicious. Is that too much to ask? Not at Fresh! In fact, we believe it is the least we can do. We are committed to growing and sustaining this brand responsibly, with every customer in mind with a passion for excellence. We look forward to serving you.

COVID-19 Statement

Freshly prepared meals are delivered in thermo-insulated tote bags lined with gel ice-packs that last up to 8 hours (4-5 hours recommended for maximum freshness). Receive a delivery confirmation via email and text, and refrigerate immediately. No cooking, no prepping, just reheat and eat!

Due to the novel Corona Virus, we’ve leveled up our sanitization efforts in strict adherence to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the State of California Health Inspector to ensure the safety of our staff and customers against the spread of COVID-19. Our standards for cleanliness and safety have always been high. New steps have been added to our processes to ensure that high levels of safety, awareness, and protection are upheld.

From order pickup to every single delivery, our drivers are masked and put on a new pair of disposable latex gloves at every checkpoint. Additionally, we spray the inside and outside of every single delivery tote with Microban 24 Sanitizing Spray – Eliminate Microbial Growth before packing your meals. Our COVID-19 info source hubs are the California Health Inspector and the CDC. We’ll continue to make adjustments as needed to keep our staff and customers safe and protected against the spread of this dangerous virus. 

We are in this together. Continue to eat healthy without any of the hassle of grocery shopping and all of the danger of exposure to large crowds. Safety is our top priority.

We look forward to serving you.

Fresh Fit Snacks